Alert for Airbnb: Millennials Want Hotel Rooms

Alert for Airbnb: Millennials Want Hotel Rooms

Despite the growth of Airbnb, a new report indicates that millennial travelers in the United States still prefer staying at full-service hotels instead of the home-sharing service.

In the 2018 Future of Millennial Travel Report released by Resonance Consultancy, 52 percent of millennials survey responders said they have used owner-direct rental services like Airbnb, but it is still among the least preferred accommodation choices.

Only 23 percent of millennials said Airbnb-type services were their preferred type of accommodation.

“Findings in the 2018 Future of Millennial Travel Report are contrary to the prevailing belief that hotels are in trouble with younger travelers who prefer home sharing,” Resonance Consultancy president Chris Fair said in a statement.

Millennial travelers revealed during the survey that full-service hotels are their first choice, staying with friends or family was second and all-inclusive resorts rounded out the top three. Around 35 percent said they prefer upscale hotels and resorts, while 33 percent choose camping.

“U.S. Millennials will spend $200 billion in 2018 alone. A lot of that will be on travel and tourism,” Fair continued. “Our February 28 briefing will bring our research to life and give travel, tourism and hotel marketers the chance to tap into this massive demographic imminent spend.”

To further disseminate the information found during the study, Resonance Consultancy is hosting a meeting on February 28 in New York City to help resort, hospitality and travel professionals future-proof their business and identify new opportunities.

Source: Travel Pulse

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